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Code Club AB is a privately held game development company located in Motala, Sweden.

Code Club is dedicated to create fantastic online experiences.

   We have developed and own the virtual world brand Wurm, which consists of Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited. The game is unique in many ways because we stream the game from the server. It is a very detailed world and has lots of fascinating aspects such as terraforming, regrowing vegetation, advanced horse breeding and religious wars.
We host the servers running Wurm Online ourselves, while the Steam version Wurm Unlimited can be hosted by anyone with a computer.
You can find Wurm Online at and Wurm Unlimited on Steam at or simply search Steam for Wurm.

Work Environment
   Our philosophy is to create a work environment that unleashes the energy and creativity of our co-workers in order to maximize efficiency. We do that by letting them select how much and what they want to work with. We believe in providing such things such as a healthy salary, pension funds and ergonomical workplaces. We want every employee to be a shareholder. We serve hot coffee and cold drinks in our spacious jungle lounge.

Environmental vision
   Code Club deals as little with paper as possible and prefer to use the internet for communication instead of airplanes. Our online business has minimal ecological footprint and we use low power servers. We would never even consider dumping chemicals. We believe in a positive future and that online economies is part of keeping the world inhabitable.

   Founded by Rolf Jansson and Markus Persson back in 2007 we started out as Mojang Specifications. When Markus left he wanted to keep using the name Mojang since he had made that cool logo, and the company went under the name of OneTooFree for a while. In 2011 we decided to change name once again to Code Club.

   The Club avoids borrowing money, but instead aims to grow organically. Code Club has made a small but healthy profit for several years in a row now. That said, we may still be interested in talking to investors in order to boost productivity and increase expansion rate.

Company information

Code Club AB
Visiting address
Bispmotalagatan 7A, 1tr
591 30 Motala, Sweden
Email contact

Reg nr 556729-7758
VAT No SE556729775801

The company has what we in Sweden say F-skattesedel